Sel Kofiga

Visual & Multi Media Artist

Accra, Ghana




Born 1989, Robert Selinam Kofiga Gbemu is a Ghanaian self taught multimedia artist. Sel Kofiga as he is affectionately known resides and works in Accra.

.I am interested in many. I am a self taught multimedia artist whose practice revolves around issues of identity politics, place of belonging, space, place and objects through an interesting intersection of performance, photography, abstract expressionism and installation art. Working at the intersection of movement and imagery my work opens up questions about political hybridity of being. I aim to highlight the various meanings the body in space can encapsulate as an expressive access-point to the world, constitutive of our subjectivity to place and its interconnectedness with objects and things. For the past five years I have been using my practice to engage with the transitional nature of embodiment while exploring and finding meaning in many other things.

I love black cats, the ocean and the forest




Featured And Personal Exhibitions

2017 Arts4Good, Archi Gallery. Accra, Ghana

2017 Chalewote Art Festival, AccraDotAlt Accra, Ghana

2017 Afro Art Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Art X Prize Shortlist. ArtXLagos, Nigeria

2018 Female Fronted February. Anchor Gallery, United Kingdom

2018 Key West Photo Festival, Florida, USA

2018 Accra Arts Week, Indelibl, Ghana

2018 what is in the hair, Accra, Ghana

2019 Kigali Photo Festival, Rwanda

2019 Blackstar Film Festival. Philadephia, USA

2019 reINCARNATE, Institute Francais, Ghana

2019 Reinventer Le Monde, Institut Francais, Congo

2019 Int. Amsterdam Fashion Week. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 Tomorrow, Institut Francais, Accra, Ghana

2020 United Nations Global Conversations Exhibition, Ikono Space, UN Web Gallery

2021 Stations Of Protest, Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana

Links And Articles

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