how fast the waters of this land get sucked by mouths underneath its hard body 


isn't it on this land,

that mouths gave birth to mortals with sight. 

they say if you are lucky enough to see one of these mortals you can see all there is to see

and your tears shall glitter. they could become whiter than you have ever imagined 

and they shall lit up your face.


I saw it too, 

oh I saw it 

when the sun hugged the ocean, I saw its

intimate and kind affection

I saw how excitement jumped out of themselves to embrace the reassuring love which shed appreciation for what they are. 


I saw it

oh I saw the love 


the same love you told me about 

I thought I listened 


i, the one who habors warm tears in his eye sockets and sucks them dry until when my headspace has no more memory to contain. but in order hold space for my own self i gave up and waited for another year filled with tearful marathon to come

and it came,

and it passed,

and it came again 

now see how wet my body is, and how dried my eyes have become from waiting so long 


the other me has become fond of me

but doesn't want to feel my sudden reappearances in his dreams,

because waiting makes his lungs shrink, he has decided to wait no longer 


(waiting can feel like your organs are eating each other alive, you know)


maybe his body will feel lighter when he stops dreaming 

of me


but without dreams how can one see dreams

these portals to wetlands where sweet waters rest ? 

one must definitely dream 


in order to see, one can only dream

for in dreams one can only see







this place shelters (un)sheltered bodies