'Understanding the chorus, the flesh, the land-body, and the tributaries running through the other into you and back to the other'

-Okwui Okpokwasili


Througout history, patterns of movement and physical expressions performed in public spaces have been linked to re-constructing and re-inventing, therefore making dance a resilient element and an exclusively important ritual performed by many.

In this project I explore how moulding a space with our bodies become a constant reconstruction of experiences that re-forms what and who we are. How dance and body movement is incorporated into structural and spatial elements can be created in the built form of embodied space and environments.



Dance offers different possibilities of trasforming spaces using the human body as an active communicating tool, which for instance stems from our historical and cultural scenarios. And so doing, decolonising could also mean the physical space we are trying to redefine must be flexible, changeable and mouldable. Our bodies are subscribed with political and social narratives, and in so doing dance gives the body a mechanism that helps us to shift these narratives. 


At its core, this performative video art of a sort is an embodied energy perfromance which unlearns and creates generative process that dismantles structures oppressing the body and mind.



My body traces and outlines the different environmental forms with a circular and irregular movement of different sculptural elements interacting with each other.

This work envisions a revolutionary transformation of the body into a form of a living sculpture which in a way means we occupy the space and own it.


And so, somehow the movement becomes both a tool and a meditational channel to question what goes on around us. It looks to tell us to dance to fall in love with the spirit in all things, transform everything into motion and live it, to seek refuge in our originality and our power to reinvent ourselves; to shed the past, our skins, our minds, bodies, forget the moment and fall into the future. 



The soundless backdrop creates a void which then becomes a rhythmic pattern of silence, both internalized and externalized in the spaces we dual in.



The active performative spaces must become a space where everybody becomes part of the space, can possess it and make a change out of it. We must dance to survive, and beat the chaos that chase our times now. We must dance to reshape moulds and experience a new breakdown.




Project: Decolonizing The Structure Through Dance

Medium: Performance/Video Art

c. 2020