Drowning On February 3rd (I)




  1. past and past participle of lose.


1. unable to find one's way; not knowing one's whereabouts

2. that has been taken away or cannot be recovered.


The photography and video art project presents a synthesis of a personal and intimate journey of finding oneself amidst uncertainty and societal constraints. Through a series of multiple exposure monochrome photographs, he examines the ego defense mechanism of repression in the context of rapid change in his life.

Drowning On February 3rd I is centered on the struggle involved in processing emotional breakdowns, intrusive memories and letting go of ones old or previous state of being, to realize a "new" form. It is a mixed media project/installation incorporating video art, photography, performance and visual art as a way of exploring the process of repression as an ego defense mechanism, as well as the role it plays in protecting/harming the psyche of hair politics in contemporary Ghana.


It also draws an interesting perspective surrounding the policing of some hairstyles, subject of treatment and approach in Ghanaian homes, professional and academic settings as dismissed as a nonissue for many. It draws on various knowledge bases to the narrative of unique cognitive experience, including my attempt to display a self-developed psychology practices of protecting ones mental health stability arond the topic. Wearing a natural hair has always been political. It has been hair  but an external representation of belonging, sharing a story of identity that represents belonging in the face of separation.An act as simple as wearing your natural hair has become brave, revolutionary even such that the freedom of wearing natural hair liberated so many but a the same time broken down so many whose individuality and humanity is not was not allowed, crushing their right to live as free as they were made to be.


The distorted and shadowy figures evoke a mosaic like lens that colors my psyche as an attempt to navigate intangible yet impactful experiences of self imagery.


Project: Drowning On February 3rd I

Medium:Video Art

Photos: Sel Kofiga & Josephine Kuuire

Directed by: Josephine Kuuire & Awuye Eli

c. 2018



Cant Save Me