Out Of Shadows










In Out Of Shadows I take myself through a journey of curious drawing ideas to trace the different faces I interact(ed) with, referencing to repeated appearances of nightmarish dreams. These portraits come straight from a dystopian and post-apocalyptic imagery of society in which a certain struggle with the unknown reappeared in my sleep. There is a global pandemic, still ongoing and it is not clear yet when things go into halt and usual normativity, in so doing I utilize unrecognizable everyday transitions between realms and being . I created these portraits to invoke real-world references which are in way paired and arranged with my everyday thoughts in ways only the dream world could sustain. 

The project is centered around the idea of having a post-interaction with sleepy imagery and the attempt of capturing different happenings in dreams and nightmares.Each 21x29cm portrait is a visual representation of what my thoughts captured anytime I woke up from a nightmare. When I saw reoccurencs of unusual faces in my sleep within a period of 29 days of my personal lockdown, I created these portraits and as a result I attempt to document my nightmares through portraiture.

These scribbles are surreal and blurry scenes with abstract combinations of darkness and light, giving birth to mind-bending imaginations coupled with an uncertain feeling of a new post-pandemic reality.


Project Title: Out Of Shadows

Medium: Charcoal on paper

c. 2020



Trapped in Man's Veil