Trapped in Man's Veil

..reflections of the innerman: the outside self versus the inside self

Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. The human body is central to how we understand facets of identity such as gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. People alter their bodies in so mamy different ways to rebel against social conventions and to express messages to others around them.

So many factors and conditions that an individual is born with—such as ethnic heritage, sex, or one’s body—often play a role in defining one’s identity. However, many aspects of a person’s identity change throughout his or her life. People’s experiences can alter how they see themselves or are perceived by others. Conversely, our identities as I have grown to believe are mostly identities also influence the decisionsand occurances which also may be involve from the space.

The performance is linked to the threefold process of immersion and emersion which, applying the general meaning of the male body is the process of healing the broken self. I dive deeper into the most basic part of the self-concept; the sense of being separate and distinct from others and the awareness of the constancy of the self. Between the period of being and existing as a separate entity from others and how we can continue to exist over time and space.

In this, the question who am I comes up often-a conversation between the self image and ideal male self. I come to realze the self is a complex system operating at different levels, biologically, psychologically and socially. With each level equally important as the other but a deeper understanding requires us to also have a considerable amount of belongingness.  I think of each of these operating levels or concepts of occurences within groups of thoughts with a sufficiently complex account of male identity and representations.

In this trap, where indeed I am trapped as a man in the man box, I look masculinity and it's rules. I am subjeced to exploring the traditional manhood definition and then attempt to capture the struggle by exiting a manly human space.



 "I am surrounded by, men only"

The man, is in a box covered with a
white veil
Who made the man; they say he is an
image of a certain God
He cannot breathe, his heart pounds
against his chest hoping
for freedom
His body is in the midst of a struggle,

He wants, out of this body

The man, is in a box covered with a
white veil
Everywhere he looks, he
turn to see confined men all graved in
the box
Their veins are yearning for a moment
to stretch
Their arms and thoughts are rendered
useless, lying squeezed
against each other’s body.
Their thoughts and senses, all rendered
useless too
Their backs are strained in cramped

He wants, out of this body

The man, is in a box covered with a white veil
Inside the dimensions of the box feels
like a prison, he is paralyzed, immobilized,
shattered in fragments of fear,
He finds himself amongst altering
monstrous screams…..
He is stuck too, moving his manliness in
the same position
as the other men
—he is making himself feel he has to be
hard, the men around
him say so
They said it is the man code, called
machismo; every man
must pursue it

The man, is in a box covered with a white
Here he sees men walking around in the
box, all they do is
he loosens his bare hands in explaining
something of no meaning
to the other men, he pulls his flesh from
the moving moments,
He is unpacking the impact that the
currents in the box has placed
on him, an aggressive weight
His heart races

But he wants, out of this body

The man, is in a box covered with a white
He is succeeding,
Conquering, fighting with himself and the
— the standards make him uncomfortable in
his man skin, humming
a soundless tune of self-doubt
He doesn’t want to be a man?
No, he doesn’t want to toughen up, it kills
him. The man box
kills him
He does not want to adhere to the terms of
Control is their ego; they like to grip on
everything and
never slip away, because they are to be

But all he ever wanted, is to move out of
the man box

the re-appearance of myself becomes the paradigm mode in which I can come to self-definition with my being, asking the question: What defines a man ?

Project: Trapped In A Man's Veil

Medium: Photograpghy/ Poetry

c. 2020